Pop. 834, El. 2832 ft.

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Across the street from Wall Drug
505 Main St. Wall, SD 57790

Gold Diggers Black Hills Gold Jewelry is produced by hand. Each single piece of jewelry goes through a minimum of 40 different procedures and is handled hundreds of times during its creation. With the final step being the application of a Miro Brite TM anti tarnish finish. You will find our jewelry stays bright and shiny much longer. Gold Diggers Jewelry Designers and Craftsman are among the best in the industry and it shows in their work. We are proud of the Quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry we produce.
Gold Diggers

Go See the video Tour
Go See the Video Tour

Across from Wall Drug
511 Main St. Wall, SD 57790

Legend has it that the Native American Indians danced and rejoiced when the rains came. Their tears of joy mixed with the rain and seeped into Mother Earth to become SkyStone Turquoise.

605 279-2023
Dakota Sky Stone

Go See the video Tour
Go See the Video Tour